The Elvenkin

The first of the otherworldly races believed to have been brought to Talemh by the gods were the Elvenkin. Unwillingly brought here, and for a time the slaves of the invading celestials, they eventually escaped from captivity and retreated from the world. In the remote places of the world they have built soaring forest citadels and sprawling crystalline cities. It is rumored among sages that the Elvenkin may hold the oldest secrets of ancient humankind in mysterious libraries in the depths of their cities. The Elvenkin are divided among three branches, the Sylvani, the Elucent, and the Trow. The Sylvani, … Continue reading The Elvenkin

History is Lost!

The gods have appeared! No, not today, admittedly, but let me tell the story lads and lasses. The world was better once. In the time before the gods the world was better, then came The Sundering and the Godswar. We know now, because of the studies of the sages, that the gods who came did so out of fear of their own impending doom. They’d been without worshippers in their own world for so long that they needed to find a new home, with new worshippers, or die. That is how the gods came to Talemh. How the denizens of any world could … Continue reading History is Lost!

The World – Talemh

Core Assumptions: Gods oversee the world: The influence of the gods is new in the world. The gods are real and each god oversees a particular portfolio of powers. Once, the gods were nonexistent, but something changed, and the gods now speak through men. No one knows where they came from, but their manipulations of the world seem commonplace. It is often rumored that the gods arrived after the peoples of their world forgot about them, their influence died, and they came here seeking new faithful. The world is magical: Now that the gods are active in the world, magic … Continue reading The World – Talemh

Hello world!

Welcome to Dave’s Not Here… Over the years this blog has been many things. It has been a travelogue of my journeys in the real world; a photo blog featuring my amateur photography work; a place where I talk about politics and the happenings I care to share an opinion about; and finally, a place where from time to time I’ve kept in touch with friends and family. What it hasn’t been, and will be in this latest rebirth/iteration, is a place where I discuss one of my oldest hobbies. Admittedly, since it’s a blog, there may be bleed-over into other categories, … Continue reading Hello world!