Afghanistan, Iraq, and Nation-Building Failure

I’ve been asked many times in the past several weeks whether or not our withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused me any emotional distress.

I gave many years of my life to the United States’ failed attempts at nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan, so it is probably natural that people might feel that I might be distressed, or need help. I don’t. For reasons which I won’t go into in this post, I have no problem with these failures. I pretty much can in all seriousness say: I have always seen this coming.

But there are many of my brothers and sisters in uniform, who gave so much more than I during the past many years who very well might need help.

For you, I would ask that if you’re feeling down, or alone, or depressed, or anything else negative about Afghanistan – don’t be part of the horrible Veteran Suicide statistic. Please.

Call and get help.

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