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Dust on the Keyboard

Well, not really, because I use this keyboard for so many other things. But certainly there is a bit of dust, or perhaps rust, involved.

Sunday evenings. That’s the current plan. Sunday evenings, MST. I’ll increase the pace if life allows, but right now, this is what I’m going to be committing to for Dave’s Not Here.

If I have any readers left, please sound off in the comments to let me know what kinds of content you’d like to see.

Understanding Categories

Most sites elect to utilize post categories that are easily recognized, inoffensive, and essentially neutral. Examples would be ‘Opinion,’ ‘News,’ ‘Photography,’ ‘Technology,’ etc.

I decided with this iteration of Dave’s Not Here to go against that grain.

Because of this, I feel it might be necessary to explain what the Categories translate to for ease of reading:

Blogosphere and Intertubes

In the case of links this is my blogroll of links to other blogs or sites not covered by some other category. If I believe a site is mostly a particular type of site, it’ll be listed in another category. This is for sites I’ve recently blogrolled, or sites that I haven’t otherwise categorized yet.

In the case of posts, items in this category will be largely about other sites, the internet in general, or the world of blogging in general.

Bring Them Home

Bring them home will be the blogroll and article category used for anything Mil-blog. While I support the troops, and I currently work in the defense industry, I have long contended publicly and privately that we should never have started the Iraq war in the first place, and we should have been out of Afghanistan a long time ago. Mil-blogging will go here.


Anything about products: reviews, prognostications, opinions, etc. Also, commercials, and other consumer related topics and items.

Geek Stuff

Technology, training, observations about the things I learn every day. How-to’s, links to how-to’s, and even some TV shows that I like will be presented here.

Lies and Distractions

What better category name could describe or be the blogroll name for current events, news, and information provided by today’s media, and my thoughts on these item?

Light-proof Box

Anything and everything I have to post about Photography.

Malignant Narcissism

Rush is my favorite band. Has been since I was a teenager. In 2007, as part of their Snakes & Arrows album Rush released an instrumental piece called Malignant Narcissism and while malignant narcissism as a mental disorder is much more severe than mere narcissism I liked the impact of the phrase. I thought it well-suited to the act of blogging which can consume huge amounts of time, often with no discernible benefit to the blogger.

I’m using this name for my own opinions (generally) as well as for posts involving blatant celebrity displays of narcissistic behavior.

The act of being a blogger, a journalist, or any other person who attempts to direct public opinion is at least superficially narcissistic – less so than being a highly active Facebook user, but still narcissistic. I figured this was a good place to post the things that occur to me or are purely wildly speculative opinion.

The Outside World

Hiking, Motorcycling (might get it’s own category), Travel, and other subjects that drag me out of my residence will be included here.


Think tanks, Politics, Policy, Privacy, Constitutionalism, and other topics that don’t get enough attention from the masses.

This list will likely grow over time, but for now, that’s the foundation.


From LiveJournal to TypePad to MovableType to WordPress, Dave’s Not Here has been through several different iterations.

This is yet another.

When I first moved to MovableType I didn’t learn a whole lot about the inner workings of the platform, or the coding work. Similarly, when I moved to WordPress, I had someone else do the work. This time I want to do the work myself. One step at a time.

Sure, it won’t be as pretty as some of the previous iterations have been, but it will be mine. Nuts, bolts, and all.

Thanks for joining me on this exploration.